Apple Watch Owners Get Valentine’s Day-Only Heart Challenge

Apple has released a new Activity Challenge for Heart Month, available to complete only on February 14th, that promotes cardiovascular health and aims to get users exercising.

Titled the Heart Month Challenge, it requires users to earn a total of 60 minutes on their ‘Exercise’ ring throughout the day.

Upon completion, users will be awarded an exclusive badge that will be viewable in the Summary tab of the Activity app on the iPhone as well as the Awards section of the Activity app on the Apple Watch.

The listing for the award on the iPhone reads:

Show your heart some love. Get this award by earning 60 minutes on your Exercise ring this Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Apple often sends out Activity Challenges to Apple Watch users on special occasions and holidays throughout the year. Unlike the old Heart Month Activity Challenge that required week-long participation from users, Apple has opted for a Valentine’s Day-only event this year.

Earlier this month, Apple rolled out a Unity challenge and even released a limited edition Series 6 Apple Watch in honour of Black History Month.

If you want to add another unique badge to your Awards collection, get moving before Valentine’s Day comes to a close.