Clubhouse Implementing New Security Measures After Audio Leaks

The company behind the popular new app Clubhouse said it was implementing new “safeguards” to prevent any further leaks of audio data.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Clubhouse, the buzzy audio-only social app, said it has banned a user who managed to siphon audio data off the app to a third-party site.

Researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) had recently identified a number of security issues affecting the platform, including the transmission of personally identifiable information such as a user’s unique Clubhouse ID number and chatroom ID in plaintext. In response, Clubhouse insisted that it was introducing safeguards to ensure user data couldn’t be stolen by malicious actors – a promise which may not be worth as much as initially thought.

It has now been reported that an unidentified user has been able to stream audio from multiple Clubhouse rooms into their third-party website. The individual concerned has been permanently banned and, once again, Clubhouse claims that new security measures will prevent a repeat incident from taking place.

The company said it is implementing new security measures but the incident will leave the burgeoning app red-faced as it deals with a surge in users interested in the checking out the audio discussion platform.

Clubhouse only launched last year, but has recently come into the public consciousness after Elon Musk used it to interview Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev. Its popularity has grown rapidly in the time since, though the invite system is severely restricting how many people can join.