Google Has Quietly Added Privacy Labels to Gmail App for iOS

As spotted by MacRumors, Google has finally added Privacy labels to its Gmail app for iPhone and iPad. The company had announced in early January that it would add privacy data to its app catalog and now, it has quietly made the change server-side.

Privacy labels

Google has been adding App Privacy labels to apps like YouTube and some of its smaller apps, but of the major apps, such as Google Search, Google Photos, and Google Maps, Gmail is the first to get the new labeling.

It must, however, be noted that Google has still not updated its Gmail app, which started displaying warnings about the app being out of date earlier this month. 

There is nothing hugely unexpected in the Gmail App Privacy data, with Google listing location, user ID, and usage data as information that’s shared with third-party advertisers. Purchases, location, contact info, user content, search history, identifiers, and usage data are used for analytics purposes, product personalization, and app functionality.

Google is now expected to soon resume updates to Gmail and other major apps listed on the App Store.