Woman Orders iPhone 12 Pro Max and Receives Apple-Flavoured Yogurt Instead

In the age when many of us are taking to online shopping, a report like this is a nightmare for anyone. A woman in China ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max directly from Apple’s website. Upon opening her package, the woman discovered that instead of seeing Apple’s flagship device, she found an apple-flavoured yogurt drink.

In a report from Global Times, a Chinese woman surnamed Liu placed an order for an iPhone 12 Pro Max directly through Apple’s website. On February 16th, Liu purchased a 256GB iPhone Pro Max, which is priced at 10,099 yuan ($1,689 CAD). Rather than have the device shipped directly to her, Liu placed the order to be delivered to a parcel locker at her Anhui residence. Two days later, Liu received her package. However, as indicated by the photo and video she took of the package, a yogurt drink awaited her.

Source: Global Times

It clearly appeared as though Liu’s expected iPhone 12 Pro Max had been swapped out at some point in the delivery process. Upon reaching out to both Apple and Express Mail Service, the official courier for the company, the smartphone was delivered to Liu’s residence. Afterwards, an investigation was underway in an attempt to discover what had happened.

Liu’s predicament went viral across the Chinese social media platform Weibo. Many took to respond with their theories as to how the iPhone was replaced by a drink. Some speculated that Liu accidentally ordered from a shady third-party site disguised as an official Apple website. Others theorized the packaged was tampered with after the delivery.

In truth, the package was opened during the delivery process. During the investigation, it was discovered that a man named Long was transporting cargo between Anhui and Shanghai from February 6 to 18. Long had opened the package and replaced Liu’s iPhone with the yogurt drink prior to delivery. The 31-year-old man has since been arrested and confessed to the crime.

Stories similar to Liu’s are not entirely uncommon. Thankfully, the suspect was apprehended and Liu can hopefully put this past her with her iPhone 12 Pro Max finally in her hands.