Telus Offering $45/25GB ‘Winback’ Plan to Former Customers

If you recently left Telus, the company may try contacting you with a sweetheart deal to bring you back to the company.

The latest plan being offered is a $45 per month Peace of Mind plan with 25GB of data, according to RFD. The plan was offered to a former customer in Toronto, Ontario, that left Telus 3-4 months ago. The plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and texting.

The $45/25GB Telus ‘winback’ plan is a bring your own device (BYOD) offer, meaning it is month-to-month and is not on contract and doesn’t expire.

User ‘allen104’ detailed they had recently left Telus and switched to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile. Telus called the user in the evening from the number 1-888-369-9826 earlier this week, offered the plan stated above and also waived activation fees and gave the first month free in credit.

There were also multi-line discounts with this Telus ‘winback’ offer. If you activate two lines, you can get this plan for $37.50 per line, or if you activate four lines, it drops down to $30 per month for each line, says ‘allen104’.

If you recently left Telus, it might be worth calling the company to see if you can get this plan, if you really want it.

We last saw Telus offer this $45/25GB ‘winback’ plan six months ago, but now it appears it’s still available if you’re lucky enough to have it offered to you. Rogers offered the same ‘winback’ plan last December as well.