Apple Introduces ‘Hello’ Screen Saver to macOS 11.3

Apple has introduced the ‘Hello’ screen saver to all-new M1 Macs. The screen saver is an obvious nod to the original iMac and Macintosh computer. Although shipped with new Mac products, the screen saver is also available on current M1 Macs and Intel Macs running macOS 11.3.

In order to access the screen saver, the Mac must be running macOS 11.3. It also requires a bit of know-how, which 9to5Mac first discovered. In a video outlining the steps needed to take, the outlet shows the ‘Hello’ screen saver up and running.

YouTube video

As described in the video, users must navigate to the ‘System Files’ folder. Upon reaching that, they’ll need to click on the ‘Library’ folder. Once there, follow along to ‘Screen Savers’.

After navigating to the appropriate folder, the user will need to locate the ‘Hello.Saver’ file and drag it to the desktop. After completing that step, it’s just a matter of renaming that file to literally anything else and double-clicking it. This will open up an option to install the screen saver to the Mac. Following the completion of this step, the ‘Hello’ screen saver will be an accessible option available to use.

The ‘Hello’ screen saver itself is offered in three different themes: ‘Soft Tones’, ‘Spectrum’, and ‘Minimal’. The background colours of the ‘Soft Tones’ option are a mix of pastels. ‘Spectrum’ offers vivid backgrounds with bold white font, resembling the colour options available with the new iMacs. Finally, ‘Minimal’ offers a more toned down monochromatic screen saver with gray, black, and white colours in the mix.

The screen saver defaults to displaying ‘Hello’ in a variety of different languages. It will cycle through them intermittently. Though, there is an option to uncheck “Show ‘hello’ in all languages within the Screen Saver Options. Users can also customize the screen saver to match the device’s light and dark mode preferences.