Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi Review: Fast, Easy and a Parent’s Best Friend

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If you’re looking for an easy mesh Wi-Fi setup that can manage your growing number of wireless devices, Amazon’s Eero 6 is one worth checking out. It’s easy to set up and manage, range and download speeds are fast and consistent, plus the parental controls are out of this world.

Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi systems debuted last September and offer fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds on compatible devices. This setup includes one Eero 6 router and two Eero 6 extenders, offering coverage for a home of 464 square metres or about 5,000 square feet, and download speeds up to 500 Mbps.

These Eero 6 devices come with a simple design that’s not offensive, but can easily blend into your surroundings (the logo could be smaller). They have a USB-C port on the back that its AD adapter plugs into:

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However, in our recent testing of this Eero 6 system over the past months, we’ve been getting download speed tests of over 600 Mbps on Wi-Fi on

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Shaw’s sad upload speeds on non-Fibre+ plans

Set up of the system is incredibly easy, as all you do is download the Eero app, plug in the devices and follow the instructions. It could not be any easier.

Eero’s mobile app gives you incredible control over devices, easily beating the controls from Google Wifi and Nest Wifi, which is now relegated to the Google Home app.

You also can get notifications when a new device joins your network (Nest Wifi doesn’t offer this), plus parental controls and highly customizable schedules for groups of devices. In a nutshell, Eero 6 provides ultimate control for locking down Wi-Fi when kids need a ‘time out.’

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For devices on your network, you can see their download and upload usage in real-time. This makes it handy to see which devices are downloading the most and used the most, if that information is required. It’s a great way to track what’s eating up your bandwidth on the network. You can also easily create and share a guest network as well.

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The Eero 6 also has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub to connect with compatible devices to Alexa, while the optional Eero Secure subscription provides increased security for families seeking a turn-key solution.

The paid Eero Secure subscriptions starting from $3.99 CAD per month also lets you restrict search results, specific websites, limit inappropriate videos on YouTube, adult content, illegal, criminal or violent content, limit 1-on-1 messaging apps, social media site, games shopping and streaming.

Essentially, Eero Secure is a tween or teenager’s worst nightmare, as parents enter true god mode. The subscription also includes protection from online threats to your network as well.

Eero Secure+ ($12.99 CAD/month) adds a 1Password families plan, offers Malwarebytes for three devices and also an VPN families plan. With both Eero Secure options, you can subscribe to annual plans at $39.99 CAD or $129.99 CAD per year to save.

Without Eero Secure, the Eero 6 still lets you set specific parental controls when it comes to scheduling and also controlling groups of devices. Tired of nagging your kid to turn off the Apple TV? Just set a time when the Apple TV’s Wi-Fi gets paused and there are no more arguments or extensions. It’s a great way to limit screen time on the daily.

Eero also installs software updates on its own, plus continuously optimizes its mesh system in your home. Compared to our previous experience with Google Wifi and the newer Nest Wifi, the Eero 6 is now here to stay.

We are able to get an increased Wi-Fi range compared to before, as we can control our garage door opener app from much further down the street, compared to Nest Wifi. There’s less downtime and manual resets of our Wi-Fi at home, and overall, internet that is incredibly easy to control and quick labeling of new devices that come online (there are preset categories to choose from).

Band Steering in beta will encourage capable devices to connect to 5GHz. Nest Cams that usually kept going offline due to range when we used Nest Wifi now stay online with Eero 6.

If you don’t need to customize your wireless router’s firmware and tinker away, but need an easy turn-key Wi-Fi 6 mesh solution, the Eero 6 is a great system that’s powerful and easy to control from the app. It does cost a hefty $399 at its regular price, but at this 20% off discount, it’s one worth considering right now. This matches an all-time low from 2020 Black Friday.

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