First-Ever DXOMark Battery Test Ranks iPhone 12 Pro Max in 4th Place

DXOMark has just published the results of its first-ever battery test, with Samsung Galaxy M51 coming out on top, followed by Wiko Power U30 and Oppo Find X3 Neo in second and third spots respectively (via 9to5Mac).


Ranking first, the Samsung Galaxy M51 received an overall score of 88, whereas Wiko Power U30 scored 86 and Oppo Find X3 Neo got an overall score of 81.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max came in at fourth place with a 78 overall score. The tests show the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 2 days and one hour of battery life, it takes 57 minutes to reach 80% charge, and it can take up to 2h27 for a full charge.

Iphone battery test

DXOMark noted that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a relatively good charging time until it reaches 80%, but after that, it charges very slowly as compared to Samsung and Oppo’s offerings.

With an overall Battery score of 78, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max puts in a respectable performance that lands it in the top four in our database so far. While it has an average score for Charging, and an above-average score for Autonomy, it is the current score leader for Efficiency thus far (but as ever, numbers alone don’t quite tell the whole story).

You can check out the full test results at the source page.