Apple has Reportedly Ordered 100 Million ‘A15’ Chips from TSMC for ‘iPhone 13’

Apple has reportedly submitted an order for more than 100 million ‘A15’ chips, its next-generation chipset, for use in the upcoming ‘iPhone 13’ lineup of devices.

As Apple prepares its new flagship device’s production and upcoming launch, the iPhone 13, the Cupertino company has submitted a hefty order from its supply chain. According to MacRumors (via CNBeta), Apple is expecting high demand for its new smartphone later this year. Supply chain sources have said the company has ordered more than 100 million A15 chips in preparation for the launch.

The report also gives up some small tidbits on the iPhone 13 and the A15 chip. For example, it’s said that the new smartphone will feature the same six-core CPU as the A14. However, the new chipset will reportedly be manufactured using TSMC’s N5P node. This will help enhance the chip’s power while also boosting its battery life.

From a glance, this appears to be good news for the rumoured ‘Pro’ models. Having a better battery life will surely go hand in hand with the display improvements Apple is said to be making. According to previous reports, Apple will introduce LTPO display technology in its Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 13, enabling 120Hz refresh rates. Plus, including a 5G modem will also consume more battery life. If the A15 chip can help offset that, it’ll be a plus for consumers.

Apple is likely to unveil its new smartphones during an event sometime in September. Unlike last year, Apple will more assuredly look to releasing its full lineup together rather than delay half due to component shortages like the iPhone 12 experienced.