Apple Shares iPhone Filmmaking Techniques in New Behind the Scenes Video

A new video commissioned by Apple has been shared on the company’s official YouTube channel titled Shot on iPhone | Film Techniques: Behind the Scenes, giving viewers behind the scenes look at just how simple filmmaking can really be.

Apple youtube

“Learn a few simple iPhone filmmaking techniques to turn your movies into The Movies,” says Apple. The video starts off with a small intro, followed by a bunch of simple iPhone filmmaking lessons.

Below are the details of what is taught in the video:

– Lesson 01, Fun with the Ultra Wide Camera
A simple perspective trick can make a monster movie.

– Lesson 02, DIY Crane Shot
All you need to replicate this big budget camera shot is an iPhone, a soft surface, a dark space, and some glitter.

– Lesson 03, Lighting Effects
Only a camera as small and light as the iPhone can be mounted onto a bike wheel to capture this exact technique.

Check out the video below and let us know if Apple should share more of these tutorial videos in the comments section.