Apple Exploring EMG Sensors at its Biomechanics Research Center

As revealed by a new job listing posted yesterday, Apple is exploring Electromyography (EMG) sensors and their applications at its biomechanics research center (via MyHealthyApple). 

EMG Sensors at Apple

The position for Applied biomechanics researcher is looking for someone with hands-on experience with one or more experimental methods to study human movements, such as motion capture, EMG, and pressure instrumentation. 

The listing seeks a Ph.D or 5+ years of research experience in an engineering or science field with biomechanics specialization.

While Apple is not the first big tech company to explore the area of EMG and biomechanics, its growing interest in this emerging research area suggests the company is keeping a watchful eye on next-gen AR/VR-based motion sensing and neuromotor capabilities and potential applications.

You can check out the original listing at this link.