Shaw WiFi Hotspots Now Free for Everyone in B.C. Due to Wildfires

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Shaw announced on Monday it has made its Go WiFi network free for all residents in British Columbia, to assist with wildfire relief efforts.

“With a local state of emergency declared due to the wildfires in BC, Shaw Go WiFi hotspots are open for all residents in the province,” explained the company.

Normally, the Shaw Go WiFi hotspots, which can be found at businesses and public spaces, are reserved for Shaw customers. But now, anyone in B.C. can use the Wi-Fi networks to communicate, especially if they are in areas of no cell coverage.

“Whether you are a Shaw customer or not, Shaw Go Wifi hotspots can provide you with access to timely news and information and help you stay in touch with friends and loved ones,” said Shaw.

To connect to a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot, all you need to do is “switch your WiFi network from “ShawOpen” to “ShawGuest” to receive full access to all Shaw Go WiFi Guest hotspots.”

Below is a map of Shaw Go WiFi hotspot coverage in BC:

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You can use the Shaw Go WiFi Finder app on iOS and Android to locate free hotspots near you.

The province’s Coquihalla Highway, which offers access to the Okanagan, was completely shut down from Hope to Merritt on Sunday evening due to raging wildfires alongside the main thoroughfare. Stay safe out there, folks.