Developers Not Happy With Apple’s Newly Announced App Store Changes

As part of a $100 million settlement between Apple and a bunch of iOS app developers involved in a class-action lawsuit, Apple has announced several changes to the App Store that will change the way developers can sell subscriptions and in-app purchases.

App store 2021

Although Apple is now also allowing developers to promote outside payment options free of Apple’s fees in correspondence with customers, not all developers are happy with the updated App Store rules (via MacWorld).

As part of the agreement, Apple has said it will be keeping the App Store terms the same for the next three years, meaning the 30% cut for developers making over a million dollars will remain in place. It is also not allowing developers to offer alternative payment methods inside apps.

Overcast developer Marco Arment has been one of the most vocal critics of Apple’s App Store terms over the years and he doesn’t think Apple is giving anything to developers in this agreement.

“It’s so funny watching Apple PR’s song and dance, embarrassingly patting itself on the back, after yielding basically zero ground on the App Store’s most anticompetitive rules.

You know this changes nothing. We know this changes nothing. Who are you performing for?”

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has also vowed to continue fighting Apple’s App Store terms, suggesting Fortnite isn’t returning to iOS anytime soon.

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