Freedom Mobile Promo Gives Free iPhone 12 to Select Customers: Check Your Messages

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Freedom Mobile has texted out a promo offer to select customers, in the form of a free iPhone 12 through its Absolute Zero program.

According to RFD user ‘d1ulove3’, the Freedom Mobile text message reads, “upgrade today and get a new iPhone 12 for $0 upfront, $0 extra monthly, and $0 extra after two years.”

Freedom mobile free iphone 12

Freedom Mobile says you can “keep enjoying your current plan, monthly payments and a new phone.” The company will also waive its $35 connection fee, saying it’s a “limited time offer” and to “visit your nearest store to upgrade today”.

Currently, Freedom Mobile is offering the iPhone 12 with a $20/month payment and a $50/20GB back-to-school plan. That works out to $480 for the iPhone 12 after 24 months, but in this text promo, the phone works out to $0 after your contract is done.

For those with this promo, visiting a store such as The Mobile Shop or Walmart to perform this iPhone 12 upgrade may net you bonus reward points or store gift cards. This is one of those ‘your mileage may vary’ offers, as not everyone is receiving them. You may want to check your text messages for this offer from Freedom Mobile.