Twitter to Soon Allow Users to Remove Followers, Archive Tweets, Hide Likes

Twitter is planning to test new social privacy features to make people more comfortable on its platform.

A new Bloomberg report explains that Twitter is working on a few new features to help users take more control over their privacy on the service, including a tool to let you have your Tweets auto-archive themselves after a set amount of time.

The tools are reportedly related to a “social privacy” initiative, relating to how users maintain their reputation and identity on the platform, including lists of followers, tweets they like, and more.

The list of possible changes is extensive, and some tweaks could prove controversial, but most will likely be welcomed by big accounts. As well as archived Tweets, users may also be able to edit who follows them, removing people fully rather than just blocking them.

You may also be able to decide who can see what Tweets you’ve hit the Like button on, and be able to completely remove yourself from conversations that mention your handle, rather than relying on individual Tweet authors to remove your tag.

There’s no timeline for some of the changes, and the archive option is in the “concept phase,” according to the report. But Twitter reportedly plans to start letting people remove themselves from conversations by the end of the year and to let people remove followers starting this month.