How to Save your Ontario Vaccination Receipt to iPhone’s Wallet App

Vaccine receipt wallet app

If you’re looking to save your Ontario vaccination receipt to Apple’s Wallet app on iPhone, there’s an unofficial way to do so.

According to Billy Lo, one of the many volunteers behind the website Vaccination Receipt to Wallet, you can easily store your vaccination receipt in Ontario to your iPhone.

Lo told iPhone in Canada in an interview the website will check your receipt for an official signature from Ontario, and if available, will convert it into a format that can be saved into the Wallet app on iPhone. As iPhone users know, accessing the Wallet app is done by double-tapping the sleep/wake button (same process as Apple Pay).

The team of volunteers that made this method to save your Ontario vaccination receipt to iPhone include: Ryan Slobojan, Evert Timberg, Jason Liu, Anujan Mathisekaran, Lisa Discepola, Samantha Finn, and Madison Pearce.

They also are the volunteers behind the integrated vaccine appointment finding tool at

Lo’s day job is at Tangerine, as the bank’s Head of Enterprise Architecture. “During COVID, I have been volunteering on evenings and weekends for VaxHuntersCanada,” he told iPhone in Canada. “This is the third tool we created as a group of volunteers (10 of us).”

For businesses seeking to verify your QR code, all they need to do is aim a camera app at your code, which will then take them to a website showing your vaccinated status.

Video demo below:

YouTube video

Lo says their app and efforts are “not backed by any commerical businesses,” and they are “ just volunteers trying to do our part to help the community.” The covidpass app is open source and can be seen here on Github.

Ontario is set to launch official vaccine passport apps on October 22, 2021. But in the meantime, many are using this unofficial method to easily save their vaccine receipt to the iPhone wallet app.

Android support is coming, says Lo, noting they are “working with Google to gain access to the APIs required.”

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