Ontario Vaccine QR Code Website Not Working Due to Heavy Demand

Ontario QR code hero

Earlier today, Ontario launched a staged rollout of COVID-19 vaccination QR codes for residents to download to their computers and smartphones.

Only those with birthdays in January to April are able to download their vaccination QR codes on Friday, October 15, as part of the staggered rollout. But it appears even that number of people has taken down the Ontario government’s website, due to the intense demand.

Ontario services aren t working qr code

“Our services aren’t available right now,” explains the Ontario government’s vaccination QR code website. “We’re working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon,” it explains, as shared by an iPhone in Canada reader.

There’s a virtual queue at the moment that makes residents wait their turn, to enter in personal information to confirm their identity and download their QR code. Some are seeing the error message above after entering in all their information.

You may have better luck trying again later today, when the website is not seeing heavy demand, or wait until October 18, when everyone can download their vaccination QR code.

You’ll be able to save your Ontario vaccination QR code into Apple’s Health app if you’re running iOS 15, but to download it into Wallet, that will require iOS 15.1, which is not available yet.

Were you able to download your Ontario COVID-19 vaccination QR code today?