TikTok Showing Student Copying Notes Using iOS 15 OCR Feature Circulating Social Media

A TikTok has been making its rounds and depicts a student copying another student’s notes using iOS 15. Though funny as a base concept, the ingenuity of it in practice goes to show how great the iPhone’s live text optical character recognition (OCR) can be.

The TikTok in question was first posted on the app by Yann Bernillie in late September, shortly after the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 launched. The short video shows a screen recording of a student using their iPhone’s camera to zoom in on another student’s laptop and grab a photo. The original student is then able to highlight the notes on the screen and copy them.


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♬ son original – Yann Bernillie

The video has since gained 91.4K likes and over 2,000 shares. The video has since resurfaced on Twitter, booming once more on social media. Yann Bernillie’s TikTok has been praised by other students who had only just discovered the iPhone’s ability to read and copy text using the Live Text button on the Camera app.

The iPhone’s OCR feature is quite easy to use. When using the Camera app, zoom in on text until the camera recognizes it. A Live Text button will appear on the lower right corner of the screen. Pressing that, all text can then be highlighted, similar to copying text on a document. The option to copy will then be available. This text can then be pasted in a Google Doc, note, or other word document app.

Android users have had similar OCR technology at their disposal for quite some time. However, until the launch of iOS 15, Apple users had to rely on third-party apps to gain access to OCR. The new software has built OCR right into the Camera app. So whether it’s text, a logo, or handwriting, the Camera app can recognize it and users can copy it for their own use.