Fido Offers iPhone 12 mini for $5/month to Select Customers

Fido iphone 12 mini

Earlier today we shared a limited Rogers promo for the iPhone 12 mini, and now it appears a similar deal is available for Fido customers.

If you check your Fido account for ‘exclusive’ deals, you may see an iPhone 12 mini available, with various financing prices over 24 months for the smartphone.

According to ‘kuruptedazn’ on RFD, their account offered the iPhone 12 mini for $5/month financing over 24 months. That means the iPhone 12 mini works out to $120 after two years. The regular price from Fido is $825, so this offer saves 86% off, a very good deal on the phone from last year. Their offer includes $29.38 credit per month and they are on an old ‘winback’ plan of $50/15GB.

Other Fido customers are seeing similar offers for iPhone 12 mini on financing, from $10/month, $15/month, and $20/month. It all depends on your account, it seems.

Your best bet is to log into your Fido account online and check to see if you have any special offers available, as these are not available to everyone and ‘your mileage may vary’.