Fido’s Latest ‘Winback’ Offer: $50/15GB Plan with $200 Bill Credit

Back in late January, Fido was offering a $50/15GB bring your own device (BYOD) ‘winback’ plan for former customers and now it appears then plan is still being offered, but with an added extra in the form of a $200 bill credit.

‘Winback’ offers are exclusive sweetheart deals offered by companies to former customers, in an effort to get them to come back. In Fido’s case, the current $50 plan with 15GB data includes unlimited talk and international texts, to go with usual extras caller ID, voicemail and more.

Users on RFD have been able to get this Fido ‘winback’ offer still. Users switching away from Fido have been contacted as soon as the next day with ‘winback’ offers.

“Ported to [Rogers] last Thursday and got a call from Fido Monday, got the SIM by Wednesday. Got the $50/15GB plan only but was offered $200 credit on new phone but was told iPhone 11 Pro are currently unavailable,” said user ‘wahleedahmd’.

Other users have cited they have been able to get the $50/15GB ‘winback’ plan offered after leaving Fido.

Fido’s current plan offerings in B.C. and Ontario only offer up to 10GB plans priced at $75 per month. So this ‘winback’ plan at $50/15GB is seen as a decent deal, if you can nab it.

If you recently left Fido and haven’t been contacted, you can try calling 1-855-343-6946 to request a callback.