Hydro One to Let EVs Provide Back-Up During Power Outages in Ontario

Hydro One and Peak Power have recently introduced an innovative new pilot program in Ontario, which will test the ability of electric vehicles (EVs) to act as batteries and provide backup electricity through simulated power outages (via Tesla North).

Hydro one

Leveraging two-way Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) charging, the technology has the potential to support the shift to electrification and a low-carbon economy for customers in Ontario. The program will also study how this technology can improve the reliability of Hydro One’s distribution system.

“As a leader in the integration of clean energy resources, we are making smart investments in our electricity system to enhance power resiliency,” said Hydro One CCO Jason Fitzsimmons.

The pilot program is funded in part by the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) Grid Innovation Fund. Peak Power will leverage its software demonstrated in its existing Peak Drive pilot in partnership with Nissan and the Federal Government to explore the benefits of V2H two-way charging.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Hydro One as a utility partner who shares our passion for pioneering clean energy innovation to benefit their customers and help support the reliability, affordability and sustainability of Ontario’s grid alongside growing EV adoption,” said Matthew Sachs, CFO, Peak Power. “This V2H project will demonstrate how utilities and system operators can integrate intelligent clean tech to modernize their grid with cost-efficient software solutions.”

V2H two-way charging technology is already being used with Nissan Leaf EVs in Japan, Europe. and Australia.