‘Year on TikTok 2021’ Looks Back at Trends, Creators, and Movements Made Over the Year

2021 is about to wrap up and TikTok has released its annual report, looking back at the year. Year on TikTok 2021 celebrates the trends, creators, and everything in between that have helped make it so over 1 billion users tuned in for entertainment on the short-form video platform.

Year in TikTok 2021 aims to look at the creators within and outside of Canada big and small that have left their mark. Additionally, TikTok has taken the time to reminisce on the trends that have stemmed from its platform throughout the year.

“Watching our community continue to grow and support one another with creativity and joy this year has been immensely rewarding. We saw trends, creators and artists start on TikTok and spread throughout mainstream culture, from the latest food trends to breakthrough stars and songs we just can’t get out of our heads. We’re humbled by the impact our community has on the country, and we’re excited to be a platform that elevates Canadian creators to a global audience,” Vanessa Craft, Head of Content Partnerships, TikTok Canada.

In Canada, the top five pieces of trending content are:

  1. @spencer2thewest – Wee, finding joy in your own home.
  2. @celinaspookyboo – Anyone else watch clips of themselves sleepwalking?
  3. @k_passionate – TikTok loves sea otters!
  4. @topebabalola – Sharing real life, hilarious experiences working retail
  5. @callenschaub – NFT, need I say more?

Globally, the top five trending pieces of content include:

  1. @totouchanemu – Dancing with a drone made us stay for this one.
  2. @nathanevanss – There once was a man… The Sea Shanty heard around the world.
  3. @youneszarou – A tasty take on photography.
  4. @cunhalucass – A casual trip to the aquarium.
  5. @a.z.yx – BRB, changing my PFP.

As far as feel-good content stemming from Canada, here’s the top five TikToks:

  1. @jennadsalisbury – This husky is a very good boy.
  2. @yoleendadong – PSA to all of the Superwoman moms out there!
  3. @marinemammalrescue – Seriously though, baby sea otters are the cutest
  4. @brettstoise – When the sun’s in your eyes and you see a relative in the distance, or not
  5. @useless_farm – Who wouldn’t live in a state of constant anxiety?

TikTok has also provided a rundown of the top 10 trending songs in Canada on TikTok that have helped shape video and trends online:

  1. SugarCrash!” – ElyOtto
  2. STAY” – The Kid LAROI. & Justin Bieber
  3. Way 2 Sexy” – Drake
  4. HOT DEMON B!TCHES NEAR U ! ! !” – CORPSE & Night Lovell
  5. Jalebi Baby” – Tesher
  6. Astronaut in the Ocean” – Masked Wolf
  7. Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” – Popp Hunna
  8. Buss It” – Erica Banks
  9. Bundles (feat. Taylor Girlz)” – Kayla Nicole
  10. Like I Can” – Sam Smith

Finally, when it comes to the top 11 creators in Canada, TikTok couldn’t help but share some love. Each has been able to grow and shape audiences thanks to their content surrounding comedy, tech, fashion, etc.

  1. @spencer2thewest
  2. @yoleendadong
  3. @shinanova
  4. @topebabalola
  5. @celinaspookyboo
  6. @elpunko
  7. @lubalin
  8. @tesher
  9. @jessiamusic 1
  10. @aqyilaa
  11. @iamrealestk

Finally, TikTok has stated that it will be launching “Ask on TikTok”. This new program is a Q&A feature that encourages people to look back on their own most memorable moments of 2021 in the app. Users can choose questions like “What was your 2021 highlight?” or “what was your happiest moment of 2021?” and answer it in their own video or by sharing a previous TikTok creation.


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