Check Out Apple Retail Store App’s Winter-Themed Easter Egg

Last year, Apple celebrated 10 years of the Apple Store app with an Easter egg which revealed floating balloons showing off “10”. This year, Apple has once again added a fun Easter egg to the Apple Store app for iOS.

Let it snow

You should already have the app on your iPhone since it has proven to be the fastest way to get new Apple devices but if you don’t, head to the App Store and search for “Apple Store.”

Once you download and install it, press the search icon on the main screen to activate the search bar.

Now enter “Let it snow” and press Search.

Voila! Your app is now a snow globe. The search also returns the featured Apple Store gifts for the season. It’s a fun little effect that stays with you as you poke around the store.

The effect will go away once you close the app.