Telus SmartHome App Now Lets You Add Santa into Security Footage

Santa telus smart home

Telus has announced SmartHome customers can now use the latter’s iOS and Android apps to add Santa into security footage, allowing for St. Nick to wander throughout your home.

The feature will be available from December 6-31, 2021, for Telus SmartHome customers via the mobile app. You’ll be able to see Santa walking around your home, dropping off gifts and filling stockings.

“It’s a delightful way to share the magic of the season with your friends and family while ensuring your home is snug and secure,” says Telus.

You can customize how Santa looks, while also choose from day and night images as well.

The following cameras will support Santa roaming around your home:

  • ADC 722
  • ADC V521
  • ADC 723
  • ADC 724
  • ADC 522
  • ADC 523

To get started, just launch the SmartHome app and tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot, then add Santa images as needed, selecting from day or night images. You can then download the image to share it with friends and family.