Pad Thai Tops the List of Foods Ordered by Canadians via DoorDash in 2021

According to DoorDash’s third annual Deep Dish Report, Pad Thai was the most-ordered dish by Canadians from January 1, 2021, to October 1, 2021. The report compares popular dishes across the globe and food trends that have emerged over the past year.


Based on DoorDash’s State of Online Ordering Report for this year, more than half of Canadians (66%) use third-party delivery to source new restaurants they wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

Nearly 40% of consumers are ordering through a third-party website or app, followed by calling a restaurant to place a delivery order, and ordering through a restaurant’s website or app. 

Overall, food delivery continued to experience growth in Canada with a 132% growth increase in delivery orders and a 427% increase in pickup orders on DoorDash year over year.

Below are the top 10 foods ordered by Canadians in 2021.

  1. Pad Thai
  2. Poutine
  3. Tabouleh
  4. Baklava
  5. Chicken Ravioli
  6. Popcorn Chicken
  7. French Fries
  8. Pastries
  9. Aloo Paratha
  10. Vegetarian Patties

In 2021, seven in ten Canadians ordered delivery once a month, with the average Canadian ordering pickup 3 times a month and delivery twice a month.