PocketWell App Debuts to Help Canadian Mental Health During COVID-19

Pocketwell app

Back in April 2020, Health Canada created the Wellness Together Canada (WTC) online portal to help Canadians with their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online portal was created with partnerships from experts in the field including Stepped Care Solutions, Kids Help Phone, and Homewood Health, to offer mental health and substance use supports.

On Friday, a new companion app for the WTC online portal was officially launched called PocketWell, available for iOS and Android.

“At the beginning of COVID-19, in recognition of increasing mental health concerns, Health Canada supported a consortium of leaders in digital mental health and substance use to develop Wellness Together – a platform that would make it easier for people to identify, understand and access free and confidential mental health and substance use services. Today, we are pleased to join our partners to launch the PocketWell App to improve access to the Wellness Together platform,” said Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health, in a statement.

The PocketWell app offers new resources, including a self-assessment tool and track that monitors your mental well-being and mood, along with connecting to the WTC portal; the latter offers free confidential sessions with social workers, psychologists and other professionals, via telephone.

According to Health Canada, the WTC portal has seen over 2 million people from across the country visit with up to 30,000 people using it weekly.

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