Telus EPP Promo Offers $60/30GB Plan to Some Customers

For Telus exclusive partner program (EPP) customers, you may want to check your text messages, as the latest promo being offered is in the form of a $60 plan with 30GB of data.

According to RFD user ‘dc5wai’, they received a message from Telus on Friday morning, offering up a $60/30GB EPP plan. EPP plans are discounted wireless plans offered by employers to their employees.

Telus epp $60 30gb

The promo plan is titled “EPP Promo Unlimited 30 $60” and the existing RFD user was able to log into their online Telus account and quickly switch over to the plan.

Other RFD users chimed in to also mention they received the EPP promo offering, which some said includes no connection fee. One user was offered this EPP promo plan but also with an offer of an iPhone 13 (128GB) for $0 upfront on a two year term.

Currently, Telus offers an Unlimited 20GB plan for $80, 40GB for $90 and 50GB with Canada/USA calling for $100 per month. So paying $60 for 30GB of unlimited data (throttled to 512 Kbps once you use up your data bucket) may seem enticing to those that require it.

Again, you may want to check your online EPP account, or reach out to Telus if you’re an existing EPP customer to see if you qualify for this promo.