Apple Patent Discovered, Pointing to Advanced AirTag Device Capable of Monitoring Health

A new patent application was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office Apple. The patent itself describes a device similar to the AirTag, but includes a number of health-related functions and monitoring abilities.

The patent application, which was spotted by PatentlyApple, states that the wearable tag may be placed on various parts of a user’s body or clothing and be used for one or more health-related monitoring functions. Such examples include sun exposure, running assistance, fall detection and more.

The tag is suggested to include numerous sensors in order to gather the appropriate data needed regarding the various health functions it’s being used for. It’s said multiple tags can be used together at once to monitor position and motion information across different parts of the body.

Source: PatentlyApple

It’s suggested that the user will be able to change the function and monitoring of the device through an interface on the actual device. This would largely differentiate itself from the standard AirTag on top of its advanced functionality.

When covering the different types of health-related functions, the device is said to be able to analyze activities such as running, walking, and cycling. Additionally, blood sugar sensors may be able to gather data on the user’s levels and use sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels. Geographic location is also said to be integrated, meaning location-based services may be used to track the user’s body in relation to another.

Across the device, numerous sensors are said to be included such as light sensors, force sensors, gyroscopes, and more.

Of course, there’s no determining if this will turn into a consumer-level product or if Apple is simply filing yet another patent on innovative designs and technology. It does beg the question of what’s next for the AirTag and if moving into health monitoring is the natural evolution of an AirTag 2.

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