Visa Canada, DoorDash Launch New ‘Fast Pay’ Feature via Stripe

Facilitated by Stripe’s Instant Payouts product and powered by Visa Canada’s real-time push payments platform, DoorDash has introduced a new ‘Fast Pay’ feature to enable faster payouts to eligible Dashers across Canada.

Visa Canada Visa Canada and DoorDash Deliver Real Time Payments

DoorDash is using Instant Payouts with Stripe Connect to handle the payments experience in Canada, from helping Dashers accept customer payments to directing funds to a Dasher’s debit cards or bank account.

Stripe Connect helps businesses easily create a platform to facilitate purchases and payments between third-party buyers and sellers. “We’re proud to be the payments infrastructure helping Dashers access earnings faster for millions of meals being delivered across North America,” said Stripe head Jeanne DeWitt Grosser.

“We are proud to work with Stripe and Visa to provide Dashers with more flexible earning opportunities,” said Shilpa Arora, General Manager at DoorDash Canada.

“Increasingly, independent contractors want to be paid on their own terms,” says Jim Filice, VP and Head of New Payments, Visa Canada. “Getting access to earned wages in real-time is an expectation for many workers, and companies like DoorDash are helping to meet that demand by leveraging Visa’s network and implementing solutions like Fast Pay.”

With this new integration with Visa Direct, DoorDash customers who are Visa Debit cardholders will be able to access their earnings in real-time, rather than waiting until the end of the week.