Apple Partnering With LG to Develop Foldable OLED Displays for iPads and MacBooks

Apple is reportedly partnering with LG Display to develop foldable OLED displays for upcoming models of its iPads and MacBooks.

As reported by The Elec, LG Display will be supplying HP with 17-inch foldable 4K OLED panels this year. This display will likely be used on an in-folding notebook featuring an 11-inch display when closed. The company has also supplied Lenovo its 13.3-inch display panel for the ThinkPad X1 Fold. However, LG Display is said to also be working with Apple.

The report continues to state that Apple is collaborating with LG Display “to develop another foldable OLED panel.” It’s said that the new panel will utilize an ultra-thin cover glass rather than polyimide, which is commonly found on other foldable displays.

This supports earlier reports that point to the possibility of Apple developing larger foldable devices such as an iPad and MacBook. Display analyst Ross Yong previously stated that Apple may be looking into foldable notebooks featuring a display of 20-inches.

Young went on to say that the product will be treated as its own category of “dual-use” devices in Apple’s catalogue. It will likely reach the standards of UHD and 4K display resolutions. However, the analyst believes any such product reaching consumers’ hands may still be years away.

The launch of a foldable notebook, whether iPad or MacBook, is said to be “likely later” than 2025. Based on Young’s predictions, the device may see the light of day between 2026 and 2027.