Public Mobile Accounts Being Suspended Accidentally, Related to Automatic Payments

Telus-owned prepaid brand, Public Mobile, said on Friday that some customer accounts are being accidentally suspended, in an issue related to its automated payments.

“We’re currently having some issues with our Monthly Renewal Charge and Auto Top-Ups, causing some customer accounts to mistakenly go into suspend,” said Public Mobile on its community forums. “Our team is working on a fix, all services for impacted accounts are expected to be reinstated by 4pm EST,” added the carrier.

Essentially, after an automatic payment is deducted from a customer’s account, their line gets suspended. There are numerous posts on the Public Mobile forums of customer lines being taken offline.

“Today my phone payment was deducted from my account (Apr 1 was my payment due date), and my phone got disconnected. I am not sure what happened. I recently switched to public mobile and this is the first time my account was charged after I got this connection. Can someone please provide solution how I can get my phone activated,” said Public Mobile customer ‘merajunnisa’ on Friday morning.

The issue started on Thursday and as of Friday, some Public Mobile customers are still seeing their accounts being suspended, thus making it no longer possible to call, text or use data.

Are you having any issues with your account being shut down after an automatic payment was made?