Google Play Store Adds Privacy Labels, Similar to Apple’s App Store

Google today announced the release of its Data safety section in its Google Play store that will allow users to look at the information about how apps collect, share, and secure their data.

According to a new blog post from the tech giant, the new privacy policy is meant to give users more context before installing an app.

“We heard from users and app developers that displaying the data an app collects, without additional context, is not enough,” Google explained. “That’s why we designed the Data safety section to allow developers to clearly mark what data is being collected and for what purpose it’s being used.”

In the data safety section, users won’t just see what kind of data the app will collect, but also if the app needs that data to function and if data collection is optional. It will also show why a specific piece of information is collected and whether the developer is sharing your data with third parties.

The developer can also add information on what security measures they practice, such as if they encrypt data in transit and whether you can ask them to delete your information. In addition, the section will show whether an app has validated their security practices against a global standard, as well as whether an app is suitable for children.

“Users want to know for what purpose their data is being collected and whether the developer is sharing user data with third parties,” the company wrote. “In addition, users want to understand how app developers are securing user data after an app is downloaded.”

Google’s labels follow a similar set of “Privacy Nutrition” labels that started appearing in Apple’s App Store in April 2020.

As usual, Google’s release process can take a while. Google says a lucky few users will start seeing the data safety section today, and it will probably take a few weeks to roll out to everyone. Developers have until June 20th, 2022, to submit their data safety section.

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