New Wealthsimple App Debuts, Combines Trading, Spending and Crypto

New wealthsimple app

Toronto-based Wealthsimple has launched a new all-in-one mobile app for iOS and Android, combining its trading, automated investing, crypto and spending features.

“The new Wealthsimple app is a single place to trade thousands of stocks and ETFs, buy and sell over 40 cryptocurrencies, get a customized investing portfolio (with handy access to our human experts), earn 1% on all your savings and get rewards as you shop at your favourite stores,” said the company in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

Previously, three apps from Wealthsimple were required to use all of their services: Wealthsimple Trade (this is the new combined app now with the ‘Trade’ part dropped), Wealthsimple Invest and Wealthsimple Cash.

Here are the combined features of the new Wealthsimple app, according to the company:

  • You can access all of your investment accounts (managed portfolios, self-directed stock, ETFs, and crypto trading) right at your fingertips.
  • You can discover new stocks or move money from account to account with just a few taps.
  • You can earn 1% back — in cash, or to reinvest in stocks or crypto for every dollar you spend with your Wealthsimple Cash card.
  • You can inform and empower yourself to make real-time trading decisions with in-app price alerts and stock news.
  • You can instantly deposit up to $5,000 (or up to $25,000 for our Plus members) for maximum flexibility.

The company says those with the most recent version of its Wealthsimple Trade can get started right away with the all-in-one app.

Click here to sign up or download the new Wealthsimple app.

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