Google’s Nest Cam IQ Indoor Hits Clearance at 45% Off, Save $180

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Lowes Canada has slashed Google’s Nest Camera IQ Indoor to clearance pricing, down to $219, saving you $180. The discount works out to 45% off and other major retailers are still selling this camera at $399.

“Your home is your haven, so help protect it with the Google Nest cam IQ indoor security camera. This smart security camera captures video in crisp full HD and features advanced algorithms that can identify when people are in the room. Receive important alerts, hear what’s going on, and communicate with anyone in the room through the Nest application,” reads the product description.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor was originally launched in the summer of 2017, but was discontinued last fall, after Google launched a new line of Nest cameras.

The official Google online store does not sell the Nest Cam IQ Indoor anymore. The camera can detect pets, humans and also offer facial recognition with a Nest Aware subscription, plus detect sounds to alert you such as humans talking, pets or a window being smashed. This camera runs within the Nest app still and not the Google Home app.

[via RFD]