How to Customize Memories in Photos on iPhone and iPad [VIDEO]

Apple has just published a new video on its official YouTube support channel, detailing how you can customize automatically created Memories in the Photos app on your iPhone and iPad.


The native Photos app automatically creates collections of your favorite people, places, and events, called Memories. You can customize them with new songs, edit the titles of your Memories, change their length, and even remove photos. Apple Music subscribers can also add from the millions of songs available in the Apple Music library.

To add or remove photos from a memory:

  • Play a memory, then tap the screen.
  • Tap the More button, then tap Manage Photos.
  • Tap Select All to add all of the available photos or tap photos without a checkmark to add individual photos. Tap photos with a checkmark to remove them from the memory.
  • Tap Done.

Watch the following video in which Carrie at Apple shares a memorable trip and shows you how you can customize your Memories in the Photos app.

YouTube video