iPad Mini 7 Unlikely to Feature 120Hz ProMotion, According to Analyst

Recently, there have been some rumblings that Apple may be developing and releasing an iPad Mini 7 with 120Hz ProMotion support. However, according to analyst Ross Young, there are nothing but rumours and should be faced with skepticism.

On Twitter, Young was questioned about his knowledge of an iPad Mini 7 and whether it supports a 120Hz ProMotion display. As seen by MacRumors, Young responded by saying he would be “surprised” if an upcoming iPad Mini 7 did in fact support 120Hz ProMotion. Young states that because the panel Apple uses for the iPad Mini is an a-SI LCD, which isn’t compatible with ProMotion.

An a-Si LCD panel is currently used on the iPad Mini 6. Apple has been leaning on this technology as it’s said to be fairly cost-effective and straightforward. According to Young, the company has no plans of transitioning away from a-Si LCD as it would likely raise the price of Apple’s entry-level tablet.

By comparison, Apple’s iPad Pro utilizes an Oxide LCD panel. This display panel is recognized as a more premium display option within the industry. It is able to support 120Hz as well as provide higher resolutions and richer contrasts in colours. However, given how advanced this panel is, there comes a premium price tag attached to it, which is why it’s designated for the iPad Pro.

Last year, when Apple launched its iPad Mini 6, the company faced a lot of criticism over the device’s display. At the time, many users experienced an issue referred to as “jelly scrolling.” In this instance, when a user was scrolling while in Portrait Mode, the display would render in a wobbly effect, disorienting users. Apple discussed how an occurrence like that can happen due to the LCD panel. The device’s refresh rate also played a significant part.

Since that time, some users have been holding out hope that Apple would integrate higher refresh rates onto an iPad Mini 7. However, given the current circumstances, it does not seem likely. On top of Young being skeptical, there’s been no substantial proof that 120Hz ProMotion is in the cards for Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini.

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