Google Password Manager on iOS Now Lets You Generate Passwords

Google has just rolled out a number of updates to its Password Manager for desktop, web, and mobile, including the ability to use the Google Password Manager for autofilling passwords on iPhones and iPads.

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With this release, Google has introduced a simplified and unified management experience that’s the same in Chrome and Android settings. If you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, they will be automatically grouped.

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You can use Google Password Manager to easily create unique, strong passwords across various platforms, ensuring your passwords aren’t compromised as you browse the web.

We’re constantly working to expand these capabilities, which is why we’re giving you the ability to generate passwords for your iOS apps when you set Chrome as your autofill provider.

To help protect even more people, we’re expanding our compromised password warnings to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Many of these features were developed at the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC), a hub of privacy and security experts based in Munich.