Apple Increases Product Prices by Up to 25% in Japan

Apple on Friday raised prices for several products in Japan, with the base iPhone 13 seeing its price go up by 19% — reports Nikkei Asia.

The base model iPhone 13 now starts at 117,800 yen ($870 USD) on the company’s Japanese website, up 19,000 from 98,800 yen ($730) previously. Apple’s new iPhone SE, which launched earlier this year, has seen an increase of 5,000 yen ($37), now starting at 62,800 yen ($464) instead of 57,800 ($427).

The increases weren’t limited to iPhones. Apple raised the price of the base model iPad in Japan by 25% to 49,800 yen ($368). The company’s Apple Watch models also became more expensive.

Price hikes didn’t reach Macs, but that was probably because prices for those had already been adjusted last month. At the time of writing, price increases on Apple products appear to be limited to Japan.

Apple has not said why it hiked prices in the country. However, the Japanese yen’s decline against the USD in recent months is likely to blame.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri said during an April 28 earnings release that foreign exchange rates were becoming a problem for the company. The company’s revenue forecasts are calculated in dollar terms, and the executive said turbulent foreign exchange rates will likely have an impact on sales numbers for the June quarter.

Apple is currently gearing up to launch its upcoming iPhone 14 lineup later this year in September.