Apple’s OLED iPad is Expected to Launch in 2024 and May Focus on Lightweight Design

Apple is reported to be producing final prototypes of its new iPad featuring OLED displays. It’s said that the new model focuses on lightweight design and improved image quality, with an expected launch in 2024.

According to ET News, Apple’s adoption of OLED displays for its iPad will mark the first time it’s being used in the company’s tablet. The display panel is estimated to be roughly three times that of an iPhone. Korean display partners Samsung and LG Display are assisting in the production of the prototypes which are nearing the final stages.

Additionally, Apple is introducing a display dry etching process for the first time for its iPad. This process can ensure the removal of unnecessary parts using chemical technology when making thin-film transistor (TFT) circuit patterns. Using this process, Apple can ensure that the display can be etched in a way to make the unit thinner and lighter.

It appears as though making the new iPad as light as possible is the goal set for Apple. The company is also said to be developing a special coating. This new coating is reported to increase the durability of the thin panel from the etching process.

With Samsung and LG Display on board, the two suppliers are said to be making investments in OLED small and medium-sized OLED. Additionally, the two are reported to be looking into market expansion as well. As the adoption of OLED becomes stronger, both companies are looking to invest in small and medium-sized OLED facilities.

The first OLED ‌iPad‌ models to come from Apple are an 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.