SpaceX Signs Starlink Deal with Aircraft Manufacturer De Havilland Canada

According to a report by Tesla North, SpaceX has just signed a new Starlink satellite internet and in-flight Wi-Fi deal with Toronto, Ontario-based aircraft manufacturer De Havilland Canada.

De havilland canada starlink

The aircraft maker will be refreshing its Dash 8-400 aircraft with new features to “enhance passenger appeal with more functionality and flexibility.”

The company noted that one of these new upgrades includes built-in Starlink internet for in-flight Wi-Fi, which offers much faster speeds than any existing aircraft product offering.

“The Starlink antenna’s lightweight and aerodynamic form factor enable a more sustainable operation with fuel savings not capable with other legacy systems,” De Havilland Canada said. The company will work with Starlink to integrate the service on its aircraft.

“As we work toward relaunching the production of the Dash 8-400 aircraft, our design weight increases and cabin enhancements, which are available to retrofit in-service aircraft, illustrate De Havilland Canada’s ongoing commitment and investments to support the worldwide fleet,” said De Havilland Canada VP Jean-Philippe Côté.

This is the first deal between Starlink and any OEM of airplanes. The Toronto company says this decision to partner with SpaceX for Starlink highlights its “customer focus and agility as an organization.”

In the past, SpaceX has signed Starlink in-flight Wi-Fi deals with Hawaiian Airlines, and JSX.

Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean also announced a partnership with SpaceX to bring Starlink Wi-Fi to its cruise ships. However, SpaceX did not have FCC approval to operate Starlink aboard moving vessels at the time.