Apple is Diversifying its iPhone 14 Supply Line Ahead of Fall Launch

Apple is said to be adding new suppliers to its supply chain in order to diversify the iPhone 14’s production ahead of launch. In order to mitigate any hurdles the company may see in the final stretch before launch this fall, new suppliers are being onboarded.

On Twitter, TF International Securities’ Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated SG Micro’s components have passed Apple’s certification tests. As such the Chinese company specializing in integrated circuits will now be a supplier for Apple’s high-end iPhone 14s. SG Micro will ship components for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max throughout the second half of 2022.

Kuo continues to confirm that this will be the first time SG Micro supplies components to Apple’s higher-end iPhones. The supplier’s power management integrated circuitry helps better manage battery and power shifters. Kuo states that the deal is mutually beneficial as it not only decreases future issues in regards to components for the iPhone 14 but raises SG Micro’s revenue.

It’s also believed that SG Micro’s acquisition of the deal implies that its “technical capabilities in the consumer electronics sector have reached the tier-1 level.” Hitting this threshold means that SK Micro’s components have reached a level that is required in order to be used in high-end devices.

Although this news does not guarantee that Apple’s iPhone 14 won’t face any delays, it is a good sign. Historically, Apple has revealed its new flagship lineup every September. From there, the company opens up preorders with a release a week away. However, given all the talk of supply chain issues and production hurdles, we may see Apple offset its release by launching one or two models later than the base iPhone 14.

Earlier this week, Kuo even noted that despite supply chain issues, he expects there to be a “limited impact” as the iPhone 14 enters mass production.