Google Pixel 6a Slashed to $240 by Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus on Contract

google pixel 6a koodo

Google launched its new Pixel 6a two weeks ago and it’s already been heavily discounted by Koodo on select Tab plans, along with Fido and Virgin Plus as well.

The Pixel 6a costs $599 CAD from Google’s online store and $702 CAD outright from Koodo. The phone has Google’s latest in-house Tensor chip, 6GB of RAM, a 60 Hz display and all the machine-learning and most camera features from its older siblings the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Right now, Koodo’s Tab Mid is offering the Pixel 6a for $10/month for 24 months, which works out to $240, saving you $360 off Google’s retail price and $462 off the carrier’s outright price of $702.

Koodo’s Tab Plus and Tab Mid plans start at $60/month ($45/month in Quebec) and both show a Tab Bonus of $462 off the Pixel 6a.

So this means you’ll sign on with a $60 plan with Koodo—right now it includes 20GB of data (it was at 10GB). Then, you’ll pay $10/month on top for 24 months for the Pixel 6a.

Koodo’s data overages are billed at $130/1GB and a $5 SIM charge is also applied.

Fido is offering the Pixel 6a on its Fido Payment Program which offers 0% APR and a $10/month payment. Virgin Plus Sweet Pay offers the Pixel 6a for $10/month on 0% APR with a $60/20GB plan as well, on 24 months.

This promo looks to be targeting the back-to-school crowd, as promotions are ramping up ahead of the school season.

[via RFD]