Rogers is ‘Committed to Canadians’, Reiterates Network Reliability Plans [VIDEO]

rogers network reliability

Rogers shared a new video on Friday detailing how it is “committed to Canadians,” specifically in its next steps to ensure network reliability.

The video comes after Rogers internet and wireless went down nationwide in July, taking 13 million consumer and business customers offline, while also taking down the entire Interac network.

Rogers reiterates it will be investing $20 billion over the next five years for network reliability, while also creating an always-on 911 network with partner carriers.

The company repeats it will separate its wireless and internet networks, so when an outage occurs, both won’t go down for the count. Recent information provided to the CRTC by Rogers says it will spend $261 million to split its networks. However, more information related to the outage remains redacted from public view.

“We believe in the strength of communities. From coast to coast, we’re committed to supporting them – by bridging the digital divide, making key investments, volunteering, fostering meaningful partnerships, and donating media to give small businesses the exposure they need to thrive,” says Rogers on its website.

YouTube video

The video concludes by saying it is “committed to Canadians”, signed off by Tony Staffieri, President and CEO; Ron McKenzie, new CTO, plus a fibre construction technician Mike J.; GTA network operations manager Michelle S.; and director of their network operations centre, Ali. S.

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