iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bump Sawed Off; Apple Watch Ultra vs Hammer [VIDEOS]

YouTuber and tech gore creator TechRax took it upon himself to give Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro a facelift in a recent video.

“I can’t stand the protruding camera bump,” he said, preparing to saw it off. The camera island on the back of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models is larger in all directions than the iPhone 13 ProTechRax figured the best way to remedy that would be by cleaving the camera module flat.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras still worked even after the YouTuber sawed off all of the protruding lenses on the back until they were flush with the camera island. Of course, images from the cameras were blurry and they were essentially ruined for any kind of actual photography, but they still worked.

Check out the full video below:

YouTube video

In another video, TechRax put the Apple Watch Ultra through a series of durability tests. The YouTuber conducted a drop test on the original, first-generation Apple Watch back when it came out.

He started by dropping the Apple Watch Ultra four feet to the ground, right on its front. Apple’s latest and greatest Apple Watch survived the drop with no cracks in the screen, but the titanium case did get a few dings.

YouTube video

The YouTuber also aggressively shook the Apple Watch Ultra around in a container full of metal screws and nails, with the smartwatch coming out unscathed.

Finally, the YouTuber pulled out a hammer, which he usually uses to test iPhone durability. “I don’t discriminate,” he noted in the video before sending the hammer crashing down onto the Apple Watch Ultra. The smartwatch still worked after taking the hit, and the screen remained intact.

Even after about ten hits to the screen, the display showed no cracks. However, the Apple Watch Ultra stopped working at that point.

There is no question that the Apple Watch Ultra offers an unprecedented level of durability and ruggedness. It took another few bangs from the hammer to actually shatter the screen.

What do you think of the iPhone 14 Pro’s new look, courtesy of TechRax? Let us know in the comments below.

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