iFixit iPhone 14 Plus Teardown: ‘More Repairable’ than iPhone 14 Pro

The teardown experts over at iFixit have just taken apart the recently released iPhone 14 Plus, saying the model follows in the repairable footsteps of the basic iPhone 14, “spurning the outmoded, less-repairable 14 Pro form-factor.”

IPhone14 Plus rear open panel

iFixit says Apple allowing the screen and rear case to open independently in the iPhone 14 Plus does three things:

  1. It minimizes the chance of collateral damage to high-value components. This means you won’t accidentally break the screen on your way to a battery swap.
  2. You get immediate access to the two most breakable components i.e. the screen and back glass
  3. Battery replacement is just as easy as before, which is important since all li-ion batteries are consumable components.


“Aside from a decidedly more gigantic battery the Plus looks virtually the same as the 14—and that’s a good thing. Battery access is immediate and supported by stretch-release adhesive. Cameras and speakers are also within reach,” says iFixit.

Ifix 2

Removable front and back panels effectively doubles the ingress points, but Apple is clearly confident in the design as they used it on the Plus—their biggest phone in the lineup. This is a great sign for future Pros. If Apple is happy with the performance on the 14 and 14 Plus, we’re likely to get more repairable Pro models soon. And with rumored changes like in-screen buttons and USB-C, the Pros are already on track for a redesign in the next year or so.

In terms of performance, check out the video here to see how the iPhone 14 Plus compares with the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro.

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