iPhone 14 Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite Save Two People Involved in Car Crash

emergency satellite SOS

iPhone 14’s recent Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite is becoming more and more of a lifesaver. For two individuals who were driving on the Angeles Forest Highway in the Angeles National Forest, California, this was especially true yesterday afternoon.

According to reports via MacRumors, a vehicle driving down the highway suddenly drove off the side of a mountain. What followed was a 300-foot fall into a canyon. The vehicle luckily had an iPhone 14 in it, which could detect the crash using the crash detection feature. Additionally, one of the individuals in the car was able to use Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite as the vehicle wasn’t within range of a cellular connection.

Using Emergency SOS via Satellite, those in the vehicle were able to contact one of Apple’s relay centers by text. The centre then worked with the nearby LA County Sheriff’s department. The department then worked with the Montrose Search and Rescue Team in order to effectively locate the victims and ultimately lift them to safety using a helicopter.

The two victims were then brought to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, neither the driver nor the passenger suffered any serious injuries from the incident.

The Montrose Search and Rescue Team later confirmed that their efforts were made possible thanks to Emergency SOS via Satellite. They went on to say that while working with Apple’s relay center, they were able to receive “an accurate latitude and longitude for the victims.”

Earlier in November, Apple launched its Emergency SOS via Satellite feature. Until recently, the feature was exclusive to Canada, and the U.S. However, it is exclusively available on iPhone 14 devices. If the users find themselves outside of the range of cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi, they may utilize the satellite’s connection in order to relay their location in the event of an accident.

This is the second major incident where Emergency SOS via Satellite was used to assist an iPhone 14 user. In a previous event, an Alaskan snowmobiler found himself in need of assistance as his vehicle was stranded. Once again, using the service, he was able to speak to Apple’s relay centre which worked with the local Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue Coordinators.

Apple recently expanded its reach for Emergency SOS Via Satellite, bringing support to the U.K., France, Germany, and Ireland.

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