Some Dogs are Swallowing Apple AirTags, Warn Veterinarians

dog airtag collar

Apple AirTags are great for keeping track of your items (especially your luggage when travelling), but now veterinarians are warning to beware if you’re putting them on your dog’s collar.

A report from the Wall Street Journal has shed more light on the stories experienced by canine owners, when their dogs have chewed off AirTag collars and swallowed the devices. The problem? If your dog doesn’t puke up the AirTag or have it come out the other end, it could result in costly surgery or even have the battery leak acid into your pup’s body.

“David Hood, owner of St. Bernard Veterinary Hospital in Chalmette, La., said a 25-pound French bulldog was among six dogs he treated after swallowing AirTags over the past 18 months. Each time, the AirTag was initially attached to the dog’s collar, he said,” reports the WSJ.

According to Ann Hohenhaus, a senior veterinarian at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center in New York, she says puppies are more likely to ingest AirTags, citing the small size of the tracking device as appealing to dogs.

Stories were shared of dogs able to puke up AirTags, with the devices still in working condition. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about dogs swallowing AirTags. There are plenty of stories all over Reddit as well.

“My 80 pound Doberman ate [an] [Apple] AirTag yesterday morning. Still has not pooped it out. Anyone have any experiences with this? He will turn 2 this year,” said u/kevdogg28 last year.

“One time my dog ate half a tennis ball and pooped it out. So I wish you luck,” said one reply. In the end, u/kevdogg28’s dog passed the AirTag out after a nice long walk.

If you’re going to put an AirTag on your dog’s collar, it’s likely a good idea to find a secure one that fido won’t be able to easily chew off.