iOS 16.4 New Features: Phone Call Voice Isolation, iCloud Duplicate Image Detection

iOS 16.4 Release Candidate has just been released for download, introducing new emojis, web push notifications, and a handful of other new features and updates.

Voice isolation

Additionally, the update also includes support for Voice Isolation for cellular phone calls in addition to VoIP calls, such as  FaceTime or WhatsApp (via MacRumors).

For those who aren’t familiar, Voice Isolation prioritizes your voice and blocks out the ambient noise around you, making for clearer phone calls.

How to Enable Voice Isolation in Phone Calls 

  1. During a phone call or a FaceTime call, access the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner.
  2. Now tap on the Mic Mode option (as shown above)
  3. Choose the Voice Isolation option

Another notable new iOS 16.4 feature is the extension of duplicate image detection to iCloud Shared Photo Library.

For iOS 16 users, the ‌Photos‌ app displays a “Duplicates” folder in the Utilities album section if you have any duplicate images in your library.

After installing iOS 16.4, you will now be able to detect duplicate photos and videos in ‌iCloud‌ Shared Photo Library as well, and merge them all together.

Ios 16 duplicates

Other iOS 16.4 improvements include HomeKit updates, Crash Detection optimizations, and more.