Apple Reported to Once Again be Bidding for English Premier League Streaming Rights

Apple is believed to be interested in bidding for the streaming rights of the English Premier League.

In what could be Apple’s next big leg in securing additional sports content for Apple TV+, the Cupertino company is rumoured to be interested in streaming Premier League games and other lower league matches, according to Bloomberg.

If Apple does indeed secure the streaming rights, it would then allow viewers to stream league matches in the UK. This would then effectively elevate Apple’s placement as far as competitive streaming services offering sports content.

In Canada, the English Premier League streaming rights are currently held by fuboTV. However, the ability to stream and relative platforms shift depending on major countries. For instance, in the U.S., Peacock is the streaming provider for the league. Though, in the UK, English Premier League matches are available via Amazon as well as Sky and BT Sport. If Apple’s bid goes through, it’ll better pit the company against other major players in the field.

News of this comes shortly after Apple announced that MLB’s Friday Night Baseball is returning to Apple TV+ for its 2023 season. Throughout the season, weekly doubleheader events will be available to Apple TV+ subscribers on Fridays. Apple’s deal with Major League Baseball (MLB) enables there to be no broadcast restrictions for fans across 60 countries and regions. This service is available as an additional package for Apple TV+ offered at $8.99 per month.

Earlier this year, Apple was reported to have expressed interest in bidding for the streaming rights of the English Premier League. If the company does indeed gain access, it’s unlikely that Apple will host exclusive rights. Instead, it may find itself in a similar position as Amazon, which shares streaming capabilities with other broadcasters.

Apple has been steadily supporting more sports content within Apple TV+. It’s already offering Major League Soccer (MLS) content as part of 10-year deal.

It’s not yet known whether Apple will secure the rights but if it does, it will put itself in serious contention as a main player in the sport streaming space.