Rogers Price Increase: US Long Distance to Hit $1/Minute for Pay-Per-Use [Update]

rogers long distance price increase

For Rogers customers that are not on rate plans that include U.S. long distance, it’s going to get more expensive for pay-per-use calls from Canada to down south.

Rogers recently noted on its Long Distance website, “New standard US long distance pay-per-use rate of $1/min is going into effect on April 19, 2023.”

Currently, Rogers charges pay-per-use U.S. long distance at $0.55/minute for the standard rate, but this will soon increase by 81% to $1/minute.

But if you subscribe to a U.S. & International add-on for $7/month, the U.S. calling rate goes down to $0.05/minute.

“Are your loved ones far away? Don’t worry. We have a long distance and messaging add-ons as well as standard long distance rates to help keep them close,” says the Rogers website.

The change was spotted by Paul Andersen, who said, “Hey ⁦@RogersHelps. The 80s called. They want their [long distance] rates back. Rogers raising for some customers the cost to call the US from Canada to $1/min. Wholesale cost is a penny or less.”

Recently, Telus and Bell increased their daily U.S. and international roaming options to $14 and $16 per day respectively, but Rogers has yet to match that change (many suspect that will happen soon).

Update March 24, 2024: A Rogers spokesperson reached out to iPhone in Canada to say there are no plans to increase prices of their international roaming rates.